Coconut Puree for Babies


1 Cup coconut meat

½ to 1 Cup filtered water


Blend coconut meat and water together to achieve a creamy texture.

*You can try and serve the puree as it is but it might be too sweet for the baby. It is important not to trigger sweet cravings from the early stages.

Optional: Stirring in a little bit of mashed avocado will balance the sugar level and enrich the meal with important vitamin K.


In the parts of the world where coconuts are a staple food in everyday diet, coconut milk and meat are offered to toddlers from around 8 months of age. In Thailand, the first solid bite offered to a baby by a Buddhist priest after breastfeeding is three spoonfuls of the flesh of a young coconut. After all, the meat of a young coconut provides the B vitamins, protein, zinc, phosphorus and iron. But above all, it includes high lauric acid which also happens to be the main fatty acid that is found in breast milk. Lauric acid is the natural immunuty superstar, protecting the body from infections and boosting the immune system. In comparison, cow or goat milk only have 3% of lauric acid.

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